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Well we have the knowledge and experience needed to help you get from A to Z without any expenesive detours.

Our Favorite Step! GOOOOOOOOOOOGLE Time!!!!!!

GOOGLE will Make or Break your new business? 

Yes, Google is that powerful for a local small business in the United States.   Remember the days of true organic word of mouth lead generation or naming your business so that it starts with an "A" so that you showed up on top of the Yellow Pages? Yeah...  Those days are gone.  Google is the new Yellow Pages times a Billion!  YES a B! BILLLLLION!   3.5 Billion searches on Google are made daily!  Yeah, your customer base is in that big number.  If you want to start a little side business based off a quality product or service and arent relying on this business to pay your bills and support your family then you can stop reading.  If you are starting a business to become a local industry leader which willbecome public via online then you need to face facts!  Google is your daddy and you have to make sure that Daddy is happy!  

How do we make daddy happy?  

You submit all to Google on a platter which is beautiful.  You start with submitting your business to Google My Business which is where 99% of all online searchers will see the map section just below the ads on top of all Google Searches.  the "Top 3" map listings usually grab about 85% of the search clicks based on our numbers.  The map listings are just so sexy that people cannot keep their mouse arrow off them.  They offer so much info and detail like photos, contact info, images and more!  So needless to say you need to be there, and in the top 3!  not number 4, number 4 might as well be number 2,500! 

After getting on the Google My Business top 3 you need top get your website just below that in the organic top 3.  This is even harder to do so depending on your industry and location.  The process to acheive this is call Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it consists of 100's of steps and processes to make Google (Aka "Daddy") like your website enough to put it above the others.   You have to realize that everyone else wants to be on top too.   They all want all the calls...  So even after you get on top they are all aiming at you tryning new things day after day to take your spot.  

We cant tell you our tricks or secrets but we know what it will take to get you there so that you get the calls leading to your business successfully growing and all of it done organically! 

Organically?  YES! There are 2 ways to get on Google, Organically or Paid Ads.  Organically is building a house and investing into your business, Paid Ads are a ready made house that when you stop paying for it you are homeless.   

We dont do Ads because its such a rip off for local small businesses! 

So as you can see... We have our process and it truly does work and sets your business up organically for success for the long run.

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