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Google & GMB? (Google My Business)

Google My Business is the listing you see on top of your searches which has local businesses marked on a map with a peg.  There are usually 3 of them, they are where people searching for most local businesses that offer services go.  These top 3 usually suck up about 85% of all calls and this percentage is growing daily. 

Searchers see the business name, details on the business, and the infamous reviews section. 

The Bad First:
The truth is these reviews are usually are a huge thorn in your side.  Google Reviews give the searcher so much control to truly destroy and ruin your succeeding business.  Ex-employees, competitors, impossible customers....  yup!  All of them have the control to truly harm your business in seconds.  We have seen some true war stories which will leave you cringing. 

The Good Now: 
Google reviews can be great!  They can give your potential customers a comfort with you and your business before they even talk to you.  If you can get great reviews, reply to them and stay on top of your account it could lead to a lot of money in your pocket. 

While GMB offers Small Business Owners a lot of assistance in growing their brand online, Google only cares about money just like Facebook!  The more you grow and expand the more they want to get their hooks into your bank account.  You need to be smart and strategic with how you approach these monsters.   

We focus on ORGANIC Growth using the proper outlets.   If you get sucked into PPC (Pay Per Click) you will see your money fly out the door at a blistering pace.  We do not create or manage any advertising compaigns.   We focus on genuine organic growth.