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A Branded Consistent Online Presentation

The core of every business starts with a branded consistent online presentation.  It starts with a nice fresh logo that focuses on your business model.  You create a logo, you do not need to be married to it as there is always a rebrand down the road depending on the success of the business. You do not want to get stuck on this first big step which comes after the naming.  Now you have a brand but you need to bring it all together.   The Logo, web address, website, phone number, email all need to flow, this truly matters. 

There are many behind-the-scenes things to take into consideration which include ease of memory, google, seo and much more...   Pretend you have a landscape company and its name is Tony's Landscape Company and it's located in NYC.  Most of our clients want their website address to be www.tonyslandscapecompany.com but this is the worst domain to use as the domain which we submit to google.  Nobody cares about the name, they care about remembering and finding the business easily.  Google and all other social media outlets will promote the name no matter what, we want to put your online presentation on a platter for all the big players who will promote your business helping you get found leading to more sales and more money! 

We use EMD (Exact Match Domains) as our first step.  An example of an EMD for Tony's Landscape Company which is located in NYC would be www.nyclandscapecompany.com.  The reason for this domain being the way it is is because its a top search phrase used by searchers on google.  This domain along with our organic SEO strategy will get Tony's business found faster and better in the long term over all other landscape companues in NYC. 

Now Tony has www.nyclandscapecompany.com but this is for google and your SEO online.   We wantt o brand the business, we also want to make it very easy to rememebr, Top Of Mind Awareness is always our goal.  We want to give out and market the website and email but we arent branding NYC Landscape Company, we are branding Tony.  With .Com's being so scarce these days and all the others not mattering we need to find a way to create a short and easy to remmeber website address to direct customers too.   We would aim for tonysnyc.com (which will forward too www.nyclandscapecompany.com) or something along those lines.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. would be a great email.  But we are not done...

Now Tony has customers asking for a quote.  Tony doesnt want to tell them sure Mrs. Customer, please go to www.tonysnyc.com/quotes because they will not remember! So we want another link for the quote requests to go too.  We prefer setting up a simple CRM so all leads go into one database and then we can use for marketing later.   In this situtation we would focus on tonysquotes.com because its simple and easy!  

We can keep going but we think you might understand how much truly goes into our process!